3ply Cotton 3D fabric mask with filter pocket/nosewire slot line (Nosewire slot is a sew line on tip of the nose part so that customer have the option of putting their own nosewire thru the filter pocket opening and remove it when not needed) Please note that nosewire is not included in the mask purchase.
Teens/women size

Our 3D fabric mask comes with the following key features

- 3ply cloth with filter and nosewire insert slot for additional protection- Protection against dust and particles

- Provide a barrier to large particles expelled by the wearer due to talking,sneezing or coughing

- increase the effectiveness of your fabric mask by adding a disposable filter in the filter slot

- Economic and Reusable

- fabric masks are great for running a short errand at supermarket or need to be on public transport

-100% cotton for comfort and breathability

- Double gauze/cotton lawn fabric for inner side of the mask, hypoallergenic & beneficial for those with sensitive skin

-Adjustable elastic that is used specifically for mask; soft elastic

コットン3層、フィルターポケット付きの立体マスクで 敏感肌の方でもストレス少なく着用していただけるようにこだわっています。 肌に触れる内側はガーゼよりもさらに柔らかいコットンローンを使用。 もっと細く柔らかい糸で織り上げられているローンは肌触りが良く、 敏感肌や肌荒れがきになる方には何度もリピート購入いただいています。 (医学的根拠に基づくものではありませんので、自己判断でご購入ください) マスク専用ゴムを使用しているのでストレス少なく長時間着用していただけます。

The mask elastic is intentionally left untied,

so customer can adjust/tie it in accordance to their preference and comfort.



Item Type: Fabric Masks for Man Filter pocket slot Can put nosewire Material: 100% Cotton Elastic used specifically for maskFree local shipping for purchase above $30! ご兄弟や御姉妹、ご家族の分も一緒にいかがですか?30ドル以上のお買い上げで送料が無料です! #Women Mask #Washable Mask #Reusable Mask #Fabric Mask

【All about dogs/blue】Sensitive skin/Filter pocket slot/ nosewire insert slot

  • Wash & Care
    Please note that the mask might shrink after washing, but will not be more than 2mm.
    We highly recommend to hand wash your mask with warm, soapy water and dry it, preferably in the sun. (Especially for mask with non removable nosewire)
    Machine wash is also possible but we do not recommend using a dryer as might result the mask to shrink more than 3mm.
    Ironing the mask after washing will give the mask a more comfortable feel.





    お手入れの仕方/How to handwash mask


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