• Japanese Jinbei (Japanese summer wear) for kids
  • All imported JAPAN
  • Made from 100% japanese traditional cottonfabric
  • Available in different colors, designs and sizes.
  • Size70&80 is Romper,Size 90cm above is set up.


Our Jinbei is made from 100% high quality japanese cotton fabric which is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.
Comes with a great selection of cute traditional japanese prints and vibrant designs to choose from.
Our jinbei is coated with starch to give it a crisp and wrinkle free look. However it will feel softer once you wash it.
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What's the JINBEI??

Jinbei is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women, boys, girls, and even babies during the summer. Women's jinbei have started to become popular in recent years.
Jinbei are usually worn as a form of nightwear or house wear. And also jinbei are used as substitute for yukata during a summer time, typically by men and boys but also frequently by young women.
Ladies' jinbei tend to be more brightly coloured and often feature prints of popular culture characters and motifs.

Boy's Jinbei 甚平(富士山/赤富士) Mt.Fuji red

Color: red
  • Size(cm)  Age Chest(cm) / Weight(kg) Height(cm)
    70 6〜12M NB 60~75cm
    80 12〜18M 11Kg 75~85cm
    90 18〜24M 13Kg 85~95cm
    95 24〜36M 14Kg 90~100cm
    100 3〜4Y 49〜55cm 95〜105cm
    110 4〜5Y 53〜59cm 105〜115cm
    120 6〜7Y 57〜63cm 115〜125cm
    130 8〜10Y 61〜67cm 125〜135cm
    140 9〜11Y   135〜145cm
    150 10〜12Y   145〜155cm
    160 12Y〜above   155〜165cm


    • 乾燥機の使用は控えてください。
    • 1回目のお洗濯は手洗いをお勧めします。
    • 手洗いがお勧めですが、洗濯機を使用する場合はお洗濯に際は洗濯ネットの使用をお勧めします。